La Voce Totale Now Auditioning for Summer 2014!

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*Voice, Opera/Operetta/Musical Theater, Chorus Ensemble*
At Christ the Servant Lutheran Church, 2 South Pecos, Henderson, NV 89074
June 2 – June 30, 2014


The mission of La VOCE Totale is to offer a total, intensive experience for the singer/actor through performing in concert/recital situations and performing in an actual scenes program while addressing many of the singing/acting issues that arise from that experience. La VOCE Totale will also offer opportunities to network with some of the professionals in Las Vegas as well as conductors/producers outside the area. The goal is to give singer/actors more tools with which to express themselves in performance as well as offer opportunities to network with active professionals in the business.


Some of the highlights of the program include:
• Participants will be assigned scenes, songs/arias/duets, etc. in most cases one month prior to coming to the first day of the festival.


• There will be 2 starting times. For ages 19 and higher Session 1 will run from June 2 – 30. The15 year – 18 year age group will begin with Session 2, June 16 and run to June 30. The total time period for faculty members is June 2 – June 30, 2014.
• Session 1 participants will receive 4 one hour voice lessons and 4 one hour vocal coachings. Session 2 participants will receive 2 one hour voice lessons and 2 one hour vocal coachings.
• Auditioning, a vocal master class and stage craft seminars will be offered for a total of 4 for
Session 1. Session 2 will receive 2 vocal master classes which will address some of the same
issues as in Session 1.
• For Session 1 participants there will be 2 concerts at 2 separate locations in the Vegas Valley of songs/arias from the classical, musical theater and sacred music genres with evaluations within 2 days after each concert. The first concert will take place at the end of the first week and the second concert will take place at the end of the second week. The same repertoire will be performed in each concert. The Session 2 participants will have 1 recital/concert, participate in the final performance of the Session 1 performance and perform in their own final production.
• The festival will take place from the first week in June culminating in a performance of said
scenes, arias, duets, etc. on June 28 for Session 1 participants while the Session 2 participants will begin June 16 and culminate in their own production on June 29.

• Most rehearsals will be at Christ the Servant Lutheran Church, 2 South Pecos, Henderson, 89052, and will take place 5 days/week, M – F, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. (voice lessons, vocal coachings, rehearsals for song/aria concerts, acting and movement class) and 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. (voice lessons, vocal coachings and rehearsals for scenes program). This is a general guideline of times as some schedules will be adjusted to accommodate those with jobs. Voice lessons and vocal coachings will also have ‘fluid’ scheduling dependent on student/teacher schedules. Voice lessons will be given in voice teachers’ homes. Session 2 participants may begin at 12, noon with some voice lessons/coachings scheduled as early as 10 a.m.


• Session 1 breakdown: the first song/aria concert will be held at Christ the Servant on Saturday, June 7, 7 p.m. The second song/aria concert will be June 13 at a TBD location. The music final scenes program taken from opera, operetta and Music Theater genres will be at CSLC, Saturday, June 27. Session 2 breakdown: the first song/aria concert will be Saturday, June 21, 7 pm at CSLC. The second performance will be Sunday, June 28 at CSLC. The final scenes program will be at CSLC, Sunday, June 28, 2014. These programs will be accompanied by piano.
• Individual evaluations for both sessions will be scheduled for Monday, June 30, at CSLC.


• Performances will offer the opportunity for local visual artists to display some of their work in the lobby of any venue.


• If a free will offering is received, 10% of any monies received would go back to the church or
charity with the remainder being distributed among the participants.


• The last day of each session will be dedicated to evaluations of participants’ strengths,
weaknesses and recommendations as to what could be the participant’s next steps.


Scheduling will be flexible to accommodate those that need to work during the festival time. The cost of the program for Session 1 is $1,100/participant. For Session 2 it is $750/participant. Spencer Baker, pianist/vocal coach will head the accompanying side of the program while Luana DeVol, soprano ( and Mark Thomsen, tenor ( will be the master voice teachers and directors of the scenes program for the college age and higher group. Assistant Master teachers will include former participants Albert Lee, tenor, as one of the voice teachers for the high school age group and dramatic soprano Amanda Mura, as stage director for the high school age scenes program.
Masterclasses will include such notables as:
• Marc Falcone, composer, conductor, arranger
• Susan Beaubian, star of stage and screen,
• James Caraher, Artistic Director of Indianapolis Opera
• Kelly Anderson, General Director of the Grand Junction Symphony Orchestra
• Warren Mok, tenor and Artistic Director for the Macau Festival and Opera Hong Kong.
To apply and schedule an audition for this program please go to the La VOCE Totale website, or email Mark Thomsen at:


Thank you!

Mark Thomsen


To download the program information, click the PDF link below:

La Voce Totale Summer 2014 Information Packet

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